Romain TOUZÉ, Software Craftsman

You are working on software?

Software is everywhere and technologies are getting more and more complex. You want your projects to be delivered quicker with a better quality. You also want your applications to remain maintainable and be able to add value at a constant pace.

I can help you

I am an independent software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in technology services. As an agile practitioner, I can help you on following topics:

I’m a Python programming language specialist. I can also work on JavaScript, Java and relational databases.

I am based in France and would be pleased to work remotely.

Software Craftsman

I adhere to Software craftsmanship movement, which aims at improving software programming practices. I practice test driven development (TDD), continuous integration and have the will to improve my skills.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will be pleased to talk about your projects with you. You can contact me by email using or Twitter at @romaintouze.

Speaker activities

I talk about technologies I use during meet up. You can find my slides on Speaker Deck.

One of my talks given at Pycon France 2016 has been recorded. The video is here here.

My blog:

My Github account:

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