Who am I?

I’m Romain Touzé and I’m a software developer with more than 14 years of experience. After many years working for a tech company for big clients, I got my freedom back to help you to build your projects as an independent developer! I live in the west of France but I work remotely most of the time.

I enjoy crafting quickly quality applications to simplify users’ lives. To do so, I’m a supporter of agile software engineering practices, like test driven development and domain driven design.

I can also help by joining your team to work on your projects, leading the development process or by carrying out code and architecture reviews.

My skills

I specialized myself in Python programming language, which enable me to prototype and deliver my projects faster. I use Django and Flask frameworks for web development and Py.test for testing.
Nowadays, JavaScript is an unavoidable piece of technology, used beyond the web development domain. I programm in JS on client side as well as server side with NodeJs, using the language by itself or frameorks like VueJs. I also use packaging tools like Webpack, Babel or Jest during my developments.
I programmed quite a lot in Java during my carreer. I can work with this language on your projects using JEE or Play Framework.
I use HTML 5 features as much as possible.
I also take care of graphical integration using CSS, mainly by using Sass.
I mainly use PostgreSQL opensource RDBMS for the persistence layer of the applications I build.

Recent project

Here are some projects I worked on recently.

Cafe Aum

Client: Café Aum

Café Aum is a cafe run by Lyne and Émilie where you can attend yoga lessons and enjoy a healthy meal. It also feature a shop and events. The website allows clients to order and book yoga lessons on line.

The application makes use of frameworks Django and AngularJs and integrates Monetico payment solution.

Green Eco Habitat

Client: Green Eco Habitat

Green Eco Habitat makes energy consumption diagnosis for buildings. We created a client space to allow then to send required documents to start studies, to get the diagnosis reports and to pay the invoice online.

The application makes use of frameworks Django and VueJs and integrates Monetico payment solution.

Le comptoir des pharmacies

Client: Le Comptoir Des Pharmacies

Le Comptoir Des Pharmacies is a marketplace aimed at pharmacies to share medecines stocks. We developed together a module to extend their user base and I provided them with insights for a client side rebuild.

The app uses Java 8, Play framework, Knockout JS and CoffeeScript.


Client: Designer fonctionnel

We developed mozaic.link to work on the usage of bookmarks on the Internet, with respect of the user privacy.

The app uses Django framework and is developed in vanilla JavaScript on client side.

Collectif Rêve Concret

Client : Collectif Rêve Concret

Collectif Reve Concret is a theater company created based in Paris in 2012. I created their website on Django framework.

You can contact me!

You can send me a good old email to who@what.oups.

You can also find me on some places on the Internet.

See you soon!