Are you stuck developing your web application?

Either you don’t know where to start, or your team is struggling to implement your features. Fortunately, you are not alone.
I’m Romain Touzé and I have been crafting software as an engineer since 2006. I will be glad to help you to deliver your project and make it a success.

Tell me about your project
Romain Touzé Freelance Software Engineer

I am a French software engineer living in the westernmost town in France. In other words, I'm actually the closest developer from the US in continental France!

I'm building software since 2006, for big corporations in telecommunication, insurance or transportation, smaller local companies, startups and e-commerce. I have been working as a coder myself, or leading teams as a project manager. I have worked with various technologies and frameworks from Java to Python, Javascript, PHP, PostgreSQL or Docker. I can adapt to your processes, though I have a preference for agile project management methodologies like Extreme Programming or Kanban.

My main value in software is simplicity as it enables organizations to deliver software that is sustainable and easier to maintain while keeping a high level of quality and performance.

As a freelancer, I can share my experience with you to deliver your projects as a CTO, consultant or lead developer. I'm used to working remotely with different timezones: we can work together even if I'm not the guy next door.


What can I do for you?


I share with you the experience gained while working for several business domains: telecom, insurance, transportation, e-commerce,… I can review your existing code, software architecture and processes along with your team to find with you the best orientations.

CTO / project management

I can act as a CTO or project manager to help you on these topics:
  • gather and document the business requirements
  • build a product roadmap
  • present the technical aspect to the stakeholders and investors
  • tech team members' recruitment
  • lead the team to deliver the product in the best conditions using agile methodologies

Software development

I handle the programming of your application from requirements to deployment. My preferences go to Python (Django, Flask) and Javascript (VueJs, Web Components), but also in Typescript, PHP and Java. I take care of your whole project till production with documentation, test automation and build up continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

Grow safely

Following the philosophy of agile project management, I have integrated software craft techniques into my way of working. To name a few: test driven development (TDD), pair and mob programming, domain driven design (DDD) and hexagonal architecture. I can make your teams aware of these practices to allow you to grow while keeping high quality standards.

You can also have a look at what I do by reading my blog.

Recent jobs was an e-commerce selling ecological and organic menstrual protections to help people to live their periods better. I worked on frontend, backend and logistics back office. It made use of PHP and Laravel and Nuxt/Vuejs on the front. Unfortunately, the e-commerce website closed is since January 2023.

A rebuild of the website has been done to switch back to a multiple-page application with the use of web components to improve frontend core web vitals performance.

Cafe Aum

Café Aum is a cafe where you can attend yoga lessons and enjoy a healthy meal. It also features a shop and events. The website allows clients to order and book yoga lessons online.

The application makes use of Python framework Django and Angular and integrates an online payment system.

Green Eco Habitat

makes energy consumption diagnoses for buildings. We created a client space to allow them to send the required documents to start studies, get the diagnosis reports and pay the invoice online.

The application makes use of the Python framework Django on the backend and VueJs on the front. It integrates an online payment system.


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